Rhythm Twisted Circle Mini Pendant


Our Rhythm Twisted Circle Mini Pendant is an everyday staple. Wear it on its only or layered with other necklaces, the twisted metal ribbon adds a delicate edge to every look.

  • Gold Plated


    Functional Art

    We take foundational jewelry pieces, and update them with versatile twists to enhance your style. Via Saviene believes that quality, beauty, and functionality should be apparent in every design. That’s why we’ve observed how women wear jewelry, from adjusting rings to fastening cuff links, and adapted our pieces to fit your needs. Jewelry that is crafted
    with innovative yet seamless mechanics to allow for comfort and ease.

    “A good and quality design is not by accident – it’s intentional.
    There’s thought that's put in to make it feel effortlessly polished.”

    ~ Katherine, Via Saviene Creative Director & Head Designer

    Styling with Ease

    Via Saviene’s classic leaning trends are designed to shift with your style throughout the day, and from season to season. Subtle details that enhance your outfits no matter how dressed down or dressed up you are.

    Accessories are meant to make you feel good, not weigh you down. This is why we prioritize craftsmanship, subtlety, and easeful styling.