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Via Saviene


Via Saviene jewelry is designed to last. Follow this guide to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

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    • Moisture and jewelry don’t mix. Shield your jewelry on rainy days. Don’t allow contact with lotions, fragrances and other body products. Water and oil-based products will increase the chance of tarnishing.

    • While your jewelry pairs perfectly with a post-workout look, we recommend only wearing it on dry, clean skin. Don’t bathe, swim or workout while wearing it.

    •Stacking jewelry is one of our favorite ways to wear it, but that can also cause surface scratches.

    • Our earring posts are sterling silver, a softer material that is susceptible to bending and should be treated with extra care. Avoid bending it, as it might break.

    • Clean earring posts frequently with a sterling silver polishing cloth and cleaner to prevent tarnish buildup and keep them looking their best.   

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    • Clean your jewelry regularly to avoid tarnish buildup.

    • To clean your jewelry, wipe each piece with a non-abrasive cloth, preferably those meant for plated jewelry only.

    • Avoid cleaning plated jewelry with chemicals, as they could discolor the surface and cause damage.

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    • Carefully store your jewelry in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.

    • To maintain like-new condition, store your jewelry inside sealed, moisture-free bags.