Our Story

Elevated Jewelry Essentials

Our Story

The Way of Saviene

Saviene is our archetype of the modern woman.

She is expressive, dynamic, and graceful. Via Saviene, “The Way of Saviene”, encapsulates the qualities that she embodies through timeless statement pieces. We celebrate her expressive nature, dynamic lifestyle, and unique desires by adorning her with wearable art. Via Saviene is a reflection of you.

Made For You

Elevated Jewelry Essentials

You are constantly evolving. Your style is a reflection of this, and your jewelry should support that evolution. Via Saviene does just that through artisanally crafted pieces that are just as versatile as they are functional. Jewelry that is as multidimensional as you are.

Our Design

Functional Art

Structural Statements

Inspiration is all around us. We pull ours from geometric shapes and classic architectural cues to craft the modern woman’s everyday staples. Symmetry and structure are reimagined into
artisanally crafted, multidimensional pieces. Functionality meets fluidity to create statement pieces that elevate your style no matter where your day takes you.

Our Approach

Styling with Ease

Via Saviene’s classic leaning trends are designed to shift with your style throughout the day, and from season to season.

Subtle details that enhance your outfits no matter how dressed down or dressed up you are. Accessories are meant to make you feel good, not weigh you down. This is why we prioritize craftsmanship, subtlety, and easeful styling.

Our Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Artistry

We bring our designs to life through top craftsmanship and artisanal skill. The attention to detail we incorporate into our manufacturing process creates a finished product that is intricate, yet streamlined. When it comes to artisanal jewelry, the most subtle differences can have the most profound effect.

High quality materials, crafted by expert hands. We use brass plating, Swarovski crystals and Cubic Zirconia in many of our pieces, along with hypoallergenic or gold plated posts for earrings. Our craftsmen construct defined edges that radiantly reflect light and subtle contrasts that create jewelry with a unique personality.

“A good and quality design is not by accident – it’s intentional.
There’s thought that's put in to make it feel effortlessly polished.”

~ Katherine, Via Saviene Creative Director & Head Designer

Our Promise

The Future of Fashion

In a world of fast fashion, we’re carving out space for a new future that is built on product integrity, artisanal skill, and fair wages.

Evolving fashion doesn’t need to be constantly replaced with the changing seasons. Our statement pieces are made to last and evolve with you, your style, and your life. That’s the way of Saviene.