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About Us

Our Story

The Way of Saviene

We call her Saviene: a projection of the modern woman.

We spent countless hours studying her dynamic lifestyle and desires. From her aspirations to her expressive nature, there are so many reasons to celebrate her.

Via Saviene translates to "The Way of Saviene."

Made For you

Elevated Jewelry Essentials

Via Saviene creates essential and versatile jewelry designed to be the modern woman's 'everyday staples.'

Our elevated and foundational collections are created with intention, designed to accompany every woman from season to season, complementing her multidimensional styling expressions.

Our Design

Making A Statement

We’ve redefined what it means to make a statement. Our aesthetic is informed by geometry and inspired by classic architectural cues. A fresh approach to symmetry and structural balance results in striking, multi-dimensional designs.

Our Promise

Unparalleled Artistry

Luxury goes beyond visual appeal. Our designs are brought to life using an unmatched level of craftsmanship and artisanal skill. Top craftsmen use advanced methods to shape and treat our jewelry with rigorous polishing and finishing. Our convex edges are profound and defined, reflecting light radiantly. The result is a stunning effect worthy of the time spent producing each piece.

Our Commitment

Beauty of Function

We’ve studied how women wear jewelry, from fastening cuffs to adjusting rings throughout the day. Our collections are designed with superior functionality in mind. We’ve incorporated extra mechanics and seamless components that enhance comfort and ease.